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Whatever it takes

We offer a variety of ways to partner for the work of the Kingdom


Church Revitalization

In 2011 Lexington Avenue Baptist Church, a struggling but faithful church in our area turned over their facility to us. The congregation consisted of approximately 60 senior adults who were determined they would not be the generation that closed the doors of their church. We canvassed the area, hosted an outdoor kickoff service and by God’s grace brought excitement, growth and life to a church that was at death’s door. I desire to help churches that are willing to do whatever it takes to be Kingdom minded, Kingdom focused and Kingdom driven.

How we help:


Sharing past history and experience in revitalizing churches and church planting.


Evaluating location, buildings, programs, parking, policy and procedures, etc. Discussing what you do and why.


Defining who you are and who you are trying to reach.

Building a basic foundation

Working with the pastor and staff to implement plans on how to reach the community and grow God’s church.


Community outreach events, sports programs and servant evangelism


Praying, planning and preparing for God honoring worship!

Interim Pastor

Serving as an interim, if needed and casting a vision to accomplish all of the above.

Pastoral Council

Listening, encouraging and praying with and for the pastor.


Invest in Pastors & Church Plants

In the summer of 1984 I knocked on 1800 doors in Matteson Illinois, beginning a home Bible study that I would turn over to a local church to begin a church plant in the area. In 2017 as pastor of Life Community Church we began Mosaic church, a church plant in a difficult area where other churches had abandoned. I desire to reach this generation with the gospel and I’m willing to help as needed.

How we help:

Guidance & Consultation

Meeting and investing in church planters biweekly and sharing 40 years of ministry.


Discuss and evaluate programs, leadership, discipleship, worship, finances, methods and the message.

Church health

Define healthy churches and church growth.

Spiritual Discipline

Emphasizing spiritual maturity and accountability.

Handling Criticism

Discussing how to deal with criticism while honoring God and His church.

Answering Questions

Entertaining and discussing questions that are relevant to you.

Time Management

Making myself available to listen, counsel, encourage and work through any struggles you may be wrestling with.

Pressing On

Keeping the main thing, the main thing; the Word of God and reaching a lost world.



God has opened doors for me throughout the Southeast to preach revivals, pastor conferences, as well as prophecy, prayer and family conferences. God has uniquely enlarged my compassion and vision by allowing me to preach in Brazil, Budapest, Chile, India, Israel, Romania, Russia, Hungary, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. I’ve never gotten over where God brought me from and consider it an honor to preach “Just Truth.”

From our partners

“Pastor Jake Thornhill is one of the most gifted communicators of the Word of God I have ever heard preach. I had the privilege of serving as Co-Pastor alongside him for a year and a half at Life Community Church, where he pastored for 27 years. I personally witnessed his love for God and others. With over forty years of preaching, Pastor Jake uses his sense of humor and dependence on God’s word to connect with all ages. Thousands have come to know Jesus under his preaching of the Gospel. Call and schedule him today. You will not regret it!”

Dr. Chad Grayson, Pastor

Life Community Church

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